Gamma Delta Alumni


Induction into the Order of Constantine is considered to be the highest honor the Sigma Chi Fraternity bestows upon one of its members for their commitment, dedication, and service to the Fraternity.

The Significant Sig Award recognizes those alumni members whose exemplary achievements in their field of endeavor have brought great honor and prestige to the name of Sigma Chi.

In the 1936 Olympics, Frank Lewis, OOC won a Gold Medal in wrestling and was awarded an oak sapling from Germany’s Black Forest. The sapling grew to a giant oak at Sigma Chi House at Oklahoma State University. This wood is from that oak tree.

Order of Constantine

CE – Chapter Eternal

Initiation YearGrad ClassMember
19271933Roy Teel (CE)
19341936Frank Lewis (CE)
19551958Shel Detrick
19551958Brent Howard
19601964Joe Porter (CE)
Initiation YearGrad ClassMember
19621965Ken Klein
19641968James Holiday (CE)
19651969Clarence Kingham (CE)
19721972Chuck Watson
Initiation YearGrad ClassMember
19821985Clyde Domier
19851987James Kuykendall
19982001Whit Culver

Significant Sigs

CE – Chapter Eternal

Initiation YearGrad ClassMember
19221919Joseph Patterson (CE)
19271933Roy Teel (CE)
19361938Allen Barrow (CE)
19351938Walter Putman (CE)
19401941John Schwabe (CE)
19461949George Lawrence
19471951Roger Blessing (CE)
19491953William Simcoe (CE)
19511954Jerry Bunyard
19551957William Oden (CE)
19551958Sheldon Detrick
19551958Brent Howard
19551958Bob McMurtry (CE)
19551958James Ritchie (CE)
19551958Neil Sparks
Initiation YearGrad ClassMember
19561958Eddie Sutton (CE)
19561961Walt Stalcup
19591961Steven Lew
19581961Charles Lanphere (CE)
19601963John Clerico
19601963Stephen Cortright
19621965Ken Klein
19631966Ken Case
19651967Robert Ross
19661969Jack Allen
19671970Michael Carter
19671970Jay Helm
19681971Mac McCrory
19691972Charles Kimball
Initiation YearGrad ClassMember
19691972Chuck Watson
19721975David Houston
19721975Dennis Reilley
19751979Jim Eagleton, Jr
19771980Scott Householder
19811984John Kane
19841986Roger Helms
19831987Greg Massey
19861989Chad Clay
19871989Brent W. Wright
19881991Ed Raschen
19931995Randall White
19951999Robert Van Pelt