Fred Parkhill

I received my flying ticket shortly after leaving school. I then went to Canada to work for my father’s flying pipeline. After spending several summers working with my father I relocated to Tucson, AZ and began small midgets racing. I won the AZ and CA dirt championship which evoked my lifetime interest in automobile racing.

I returned to Oklahoma where I opened my retail liquor store in Tulsa. I had a hard time learning about all of the many liquors and wines. But through the years, I established a local reputation for fair pricing and introduced and shared international and acclaimed products into our community.

During my younger adult years, I’ve played a lot of handball as a hobby, and participated in tournament play. Once, placing second overall in a seniors division national championship.

Car racing was always in my blood. I won seven Sports Club Car of America Midwest Division titles in 10 years in the big class. I placed third overall in my racing division the US in 1976. I raced in 11 states driving having won many first and second-place titles. I competed in one professional race in MN in which I raced against the World’s elite drivers having finished in tenth place. That particular race was non-stop lasting over two hours. I was invited to race at Daytona Speedway with my first McLaren car and placed fourth during that race.

I had the honor of participating in Tulsa’s Southside Rotary for 40 years. During my membership, I was an integral team member supporting international immunization for children in need.

I retired several years back from my 40-year ownership of Parkhill’s Liquor and Wine. In 1986 the liquor store was voted as one of the best in the United States. My son, Lance has bought and taken over the business. He is doing an excellent job.

I currently reside in the rural countryside of Lake Oologah, OK where I enjoy the companionship of warm beagles and relax by evening sunsets.