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Captain – Brent Howard

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Initiation 1955
Bishop, John
Carder, Jimmy
Crandall, Bob

Detrick, Shel

 Order of Constantine
Significant Sig

Sheldon Detrick

After graduation, Jan and I were married. We have now been married for over 61 years. We have one daughter and four grandchildren. Our grandson, Morgan Medders, is a Gamma Delta Sig, OU Law graduate, and Assistant District Attorney in Tulsa.

I have spent my entire career in Real Estate, Mortgage, and title insurance businesses. We have always lived in Tulsa.

I am still trying to repay Sigma Chi for what it has done for me. However, the harder I try and the more I do, the deeper in debt I seem to become.

I have been blessed to be a past President of the Tulsa Alumni Association, President of Gamma Delta House Corporation, Chairman of New House Committee in 1980, President of Constantine and Capital, and member of the executive committee in Evanston, and am currently assisting Brent in putting together this pledge class website. Along the way, I have been honored to be named a Significant Sig and Member of the Order of Constantine.

Ebrey, Dick
Erwin, Jerry
Foster, Gary
Gould, Ed

Gould, John

Gould, Virgil

Lakeway, TX
(512) 751-9029

Just had my 85 birthday party with 50 of my Texas friends. If you are in Austin give me a call. Enjoying traveling all over the world, and playing tennis in Lakeway.

Holder, Carl

Howard, Brent

Vinita, OK
(918) 693-1855

Order of Constantine
Significant Sig

Brent Howard

I attended a rush party at Order of Constantine Brother Frank Lewis’s house in 1953.  In conversation with Frank, he ended with “if you want a college Fraternity experience you have a lot of good choices. If you want a lifetime experience you should pledge Sigma Chi”. Looking at our pledge class pictures it still amazes me we were blessed to be the initiates of a pledge class of 43.

My Sigma Chi Experience has benefited me all my life and I have stayed active in various ways. Gamma Delta Chapter Advisor and House Corp, Tulsa Alumni Chapter, Delta Omega House Corp, Rush, and this site.

The Sigma Chi principles have served me well with my family, businesses and my taking on way too many projects.  Currently pursuing my lifelong woodworking interest with Antique and Classic Boat restorations, Ag brothers inspired me on cattle and I am raising Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle and give back for my blessings has involved me in developing a Public Regional Airport at South Grand Lake in NE OK.

Laurent, Jim
Mahany, Hal
Moore, Howard
McMurtry, Bob

Significant Sig

Bob McMurtry

Following graduation, Bob married Jane, our Chapter Sweetheart. They raised two wonderful daughters. Bob had an exceptional career in the United States Air Force, retiring in Florida with the rank of Colonel.

One deployment in his career was being in charge at the Air Force Military Academy glider program teaching young cadets the basics of flying.

His career was highlighted by his exceptional heroic service flying L19 aircraft in Vietnam as a Forward Air Controller (FAC). His courageous service earned him a Bronze Star and a Silver Star. A book has been written about it and is being considered to be made into a motion picture.

At Grand Chapter in 2019, Bob was recognized for his service to his Country and awarded a Significant Sig medal.

Bob and Jane have both recently passed away and are buried in Florida’s National Military Cemetery.


Nash, Russel
Nave, Les
Oden, Bill
Parkhill, Fred

Fred Parkhill

I received my flying ticket shortly after leaving school. I then went to Canada to work for my father's flying pipeline. After spending several summers working with my father I relocated to Tucson, AZ and began small midgets racing. I won the AZ and CA dirt championship which evoked my lifetime interest in automobile racing.

I returned to Oklahoma where I opened my retail liquor store in Tulsa. I had a hard time learning about all of the many liquors and wines. But through the years, I established a local reputation for fair pricing and introduced and shared international and acclaimed products into our community.

During my younger adult years, I've played a lot of handball as a hobby, and participated in tournament play. Once, placing second overall in a seniors division national championship.

Car racing was always in my blood. I won seven Sports Club Car of America Midwest Division titles in 10 years in the big class. I placed third overall in my racing division the US in 1976. I raced in 11 states driving having won many first and second-place titles. I competed in one professional race in MN in which I raced against the World's elite drivers having finished in tenth place. That particular race was non-stop lasting over two hours. I was invited to race at Daytona Speedway with my first McLaren car and placed fourth during that race.

I had the honor of participating in Tulsa's Southside Rotary for 40 years. During my membership, I was an integral team member supporting international immunization for children in need.

I retired several years back from my 40-year ownership of Parkhill's Liquor and Wine. In 1986 the liquor store was voted as one of the best in the United States. My son, Lance has bought and taken over the business. He is doing an excellent job.

I currently reside in the rural countryside of Lake Oologah, OK where I enjoy the companionship of warm beagles and relax by evening sunsets.


Primo, Bill
Reed, Herb
Jim Ritchie

Significant Sig

Jim Ritchie

Jim followed graduation from OSU with a Law degree from Tulsa University. It was in Tulsa that he met his wife, Patty. They had two sons and one daughter. The youngest, Alexander, is a Sigma Chi.

Jim’s career began working for the Justice Department’s Organized Crime and Racketeering Division in Detroit. From there he headed up the Justice Department Strike Force in San Francisco. Next, he served the Nixon administration focusing on Gaming in America. That led him to his own practice in D.C. where he represented Las Vegas casinos as a lobbyist. From that experience, he met Steve Wynn and became Executive Vice President of Wynn Hotels. One duty was directing the creation of Treasure Island, The Mirage, and Bellagio.

Along the way, he rose to the rank of Brigadier General in the United States Army Reserves, awarded the Significant Sig medal, and was a member of The Bohemian Grove and Rancheros Visitadores.

The latter part of his life was spent in Europe and the U.S. doing capital investment ventures.

Jim had a brain hemorrhage on a flight from Frankfort to Dulles in December of 2008. He passed away in Las Vegas 10 days later. Patty passed away in 2019. They are both buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


Smith, Wayland
Sparks, Neil

Significant Sig

Neil Sparks

After three years at Stillwater, I desired to fly.

I was accepted to the NAVCAD Aviation Program.  

I flew single and multiengine fixed wing aircraft, then into helicopter training and designated a Naval Aviator.  

I married Kay Stover of Tulsa and we had a son and daughter.

After three West Pac cruises, I left the Navy to study at University of Tulsa.  I was in training with a Dallas Reservice Unit.

I returned to the Navy and joined a Squadron and was involved in the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. This was my first of five tours as a Navy combat helicopter pilot.  The third tour I rescued a downed pilot 20 miles SW of Hanoi, NVN, and received the Navy Cross.

I was a LAMPS Helicopter Squadron Commanding Officer.

Had a tour with the Marines and flew around the world giving lectures on Amphibious Warfare.

Stinson, Warren
Wolfe, Earl